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We specialise in Trend© CRAFTPRO router cutters which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the woodworker and tradesman for quality and performance.

The cutters include these unique features

  • Mirogranular Tungsten Carbide tips to ensure a perfect sharpness.
  • Highly ground tip face to ensure it maintains its edge.
  • PTFE non-stick coating on the body to minimise resin and heat build-up for longer life.
  • Extra long shanks, ideal for router table use.

 Tungsten Carbide Tipped Router Cutters

Straight Flutes  Trimmers  Rebaters  Profilers  Chamfer Bits
           Straight Flute                   Trimmers                            Rebate Cutters               Profilers            Chamfer Cutters         
 Dovetails & Drills  Jointing Cutter  Ovolo Beads  Ovolo & Handrail  Radius & Cavetto
      Dovetails & Dowels                  Jointing Cutters                    Ovolo Beads            
       Ovolo & Handrail               Radius & Cavetto       
Beads & Corner Moulds   Ogee Panel Cutter  Ogee Bits  Profile Scribers  Panel Raisers
     Beads & Corner         
            Ogee Panel                 Ogee Cutters                  Profile Scribers                 Panel Raisers        
 Panel Door Sets  Weather Seal Cutters  Intumescent Recessing  Slot Cutters  Ovolo Jointers & Scribers
        Panel Door Sets                   Weatherseal          
               Slotters                      Ovolo Jointers        
            & Scribers   

If you do find the exact product you are looking for please call our store on 01202 686238 and we will be glad to provide assistance.

Fitting cutters

Always take extreme caution when removing the protective wax from a new cutter. Do not pull it off as the sharp cutting edges could cause injury. Carefully slit the wax with a sharp knife along the internal angle of the 
Flute and prise the coating away. Before using a new cutter wipe off any protective oil to prevent it transferring and possibly marring the surface of the work.

Health & Saftey

Always switch off the router and isolate from mains the supply when changing cutters or making adjustments to the router.
Remove loose items such as locking bars and allen keys from the router and adjacent working surfaces. 
Before re-connecting to the mains supply, make sure the power switch is in the ´off´ position. 
Ensure that the power cable is kept well away from the cutter and cannot tangle or catch on the workpiece, jig or fittings. 
Always wear eye protection such as goggles or a full face visor.
Always wear ear defenders if routing for a lengthy period.
Do not allow objects to dangle over the work area, i.e. do not wear loose clothing such as a tie. Roll sleeves back and ensure long hair is tied back. 
Keep fingers clear of the cutter and never try to slow or stop the cutter by hand.
Always keep other people away from the work area to avoid being startled by sudden interruptions.
Practice the procedure first before starting to cut and concentrate carefully on what you are doing throughout the operation. 

Cutter Care and maintenance

Router cutter care and maintenance plays a major role in preserving cutter performance and prolonging life.

It is essential to keep tools clean. After every routing operation remove the cutter from the Collet and clean it. If you are not reusing it in the immediate future, lightly spray with an anticorrosion agent such as Rustbuster® and store it separately to other tools. However avoid spraying bearing guides with Rustbuster®.

It is important to keep the surface of the Shank clean and smooth. If tarnished or showing signs of surface corrosion, the shank should be cleaned with very fine wire wool and preferably polished with metal polish to remove any fine scratches (this is to avoid providing a key for the resin to adhere to).

Keep the cutter edges clear of resin or other baked-on residue, as this will prevent waste from clearing freely, causing the cutting edges to overheat. It will also forestall the need to exert undue pressure on the cutter and minimise stress on both the cutter, ball-bearing guide and the router.